I think I have found my “click” in being active and fit.

On the weekend, I decided, since I was solo with my daughter for the day, that I would go for a hike with her in her Kelty backpack-thingamajigeroo. Since I had yet to do a hike where I wore the backpack-thingamajigeroo, I said to myself  “It will be fun! Just you and your daughter, out on a hike, enjoying nature, being close.”

Yup. It was fun. All 11 kilometres of it. Eleven. With 30 extra pounds strapped to my back. 30 extra pounds, where 22 or so of them was leaning slightly to the right and wiggling.

I was planning on trying for a longer hike, but I played it by ear (and patience of a 17 month old). As we finished the first loop and crossed the bridge back over the freeway, I felt good, and my daughter was singing to herself happily while kicking me in the kidneys softly. Sensing no pain in me or impending tantrum from my cargo, I dashed madly off into the bush on the other side, looking at the trailhead map and thinking “What’s a few more km’s, eh?”

When I finally staggered back to the driveway of our home, I knew the answer to that question. Ooooh yeah… and so did my feet. Mama needs hikers. My running chucks ain’t cuttin’ mustard on the trails, lads and lasses!

I was proud of my accomplishment, and kind of impressed that my fitness has gotten to a level where  I could carry my child on my back and be ok. In the Spring, that would not have happened. NO way could I have hiked that far, let alone with extra weight. I friggin’ felt like Super Mom! No cape though, we all know what happens to super heroes who wear capes…

Anywho… Back to reality-land.

It was also very relaxing. I did not listen to music. I sang with my daughter, pointed out big fallen trees, way point signs with maps, squirrels, rocks, and was quiet to listen to the forest around us. She slept on my back, and played with my ponytail. She learned how to say “tree” . I am so lucky, because these trails are steps from my home.

So, to sum that up, it felt *&#@%ing fantastic.

Until the next day when my lower back basically siezed and I had to walk like Quasi-Modo until the painkillers kicked in. I wondered if I had overdone it. Pushed too hard, and strained myself. I was practically doubled over in pain.

I told my husband it was “contraction-level pain” and he got this strange look on his face and didn’t answer. I may or may not have told him off. I can’t remember. I wanted chocolate to soothe the pain, but there is none in the house (that I could reach) so I suffered without its calming, soothing effects.

Today felt better (which was a good thing otherwise cranky-me would have made my husband’s day not  very nice). I was able to walk, I felt more normal, and my feet and legs were not aching. I could reach said chocolate, I did some stretching, and some shopping (YAY!) Thank *&@#$$#% my back was not screaming like Courtney Love (when sober) anymore! The last thing I needed was that kind of injury while on vacation, and a few days away from a road trip to Tough Mudder. I think I may have simply busted out the big pain pills and dealt, but it would have sucked.

Tonight, fueled by a relaxing and happy day with my husband and daughter (who is getting over chicken pox and cannot attend daycare, %#@$#$), I felt rested. So after the kids were in bed, I went out for what I planned to be a jog/walk. Just a couple of kilometres, nothing too crazy, since I was still a bit stiff and sore from the weekend hike-a-thon-o-rama.

I ran three kilometres in 24 minutes.

Without stopping.

Holy $#@%.


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