Stair Success

I have just climbed one of the sets of stairs behind Parliament Hill here in Ottawa. Those of you in Ottawa know how steep and tall those stairs are (and thus, how crazy I am for running up them). For those that aren’t, here is a link to show you (I did not stop to take my own photos, that would have made sense…):

The start of the climb (photo courtesy, check it out moms and dads! great website for families here!)


A bit further up the climb (photo courtesy SmugMug’s Romuald J. Czajkowski, who looks like a fun guy!)

Let me explain the signifigance. Behind Parliament Hill is a *#%$ cliff. Steep. Long. Tall. High, old fashioned narrow steps. Did I mention steep?

I could not have done that this spring. I was afraid to try it two weeks ago.

I am a sweaty, rumpled girl right now…

…and very proud of myself.


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