Minding the Goal

I’ve been turning over a lot of ideas in my head lately, about my next goal after the Army Run.

I know, kind of getting ahead of myself, perhaps, but I know if I don’t look into it now, once I complete this upcoming race, I will lose momentum unless I already have the next “thing” in place.

I want to try something different. Somethinge exciting. Something that will challenge me to do something I have never done before, push my comfort level out there, and make me achieve what my old self would have not even thought of trying. Do one thing a day that scares you, right?

No, I am not going to skydive, bungee jump, do that tethered walk thing on the CN Tower, or otherwise risk my life at great heights, k?

I need some ideas. I was looking at trail running races in our area, maybe just doing another 5k in the Fall, challenging myself to learn a new fitness skill (Crossfit, anyone?) or planning something more long term like convincing Husband that we should try an adventure race next year together. Like Raid the North, or something… I just have to learn how to swim better, orient myself with North, and get back on a bike. The other day I remarked offhand to my husband that I would love to go into Bushtukah and say “I want to learn how to go down a mountain on a bike like “WHEE!” and not die. Set me up, Dude.” He just stared at me as if I had suddenly grown another head.

Ummm yes, I am a little crazy, why do you ask? I thought this was already established… Anyways…

Yes, that’s me, ducking for cover. It was heavy going.

As I flipped through websites, pondering, I realized that I need to find a fitness activity/sport that can give me the same rush and cameraderie that Paintball did.

Yes, folks, this girl played paintball. In tournaments. A long, long, long time ago.

I still remember the adrenalin, the smell of testosterone (or was that just B.O.?) in the mostly male populated sport. I got used to agressive play, tempers, screamingcommunicating with team mates on the field, and the thrill of hanging that dirt-stained, gooey, ripped-up fabric flag on the other team’s start cage. I loved it. The tournament atmosphere, the sense that we were a partof something awesome, the sheer gadget geek delight in the gear and equipment. It was a team sport like no other for me, and the friends I made by choosing to get shot at with little tiny gelatin and paint-filled capsules are still friends I cherish today. We’re all just older, married, and have kids now.

Wait… when did we get old, yo?

So in looking for that “AHA!” activity, I need to remember why I stuck with paintball (I stopped playing in 2002 when it got too expensive for me to travel and play, and no, I’m not really interested in playing again), and look for like-minded people, where I can be myself, enjoy what I do without really trying, and have it become part of our lifestyle without interrupting our lives. I want it to be something we can share with the kids as we get older, and encourage them to be active. I want it to b e something both my husband and I can get excited about. I want it to not cost us our monthly house payment to do (although some start up costs, like buying a bike, clothing, or a canoe/kayak are to be expected).

So throw it at me, folks. Give me some ideas!


One thought on “Minding the Goal

  1. SweetAccountability July 28, 2012 / 10:03 am

    Have you done indoor rock climbing? Not sure if that’d be your thing, but I know there’s entire communities around it and it can give people quite the rush.

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