Fist Bumps in the Sand

This past weekend, we had a wonderful day trip to Sandbanks Provincial Park. Not just for the sand (we took half the beach home in the car, I swear), not just for the water (oh so lovely and warm!), but so my husband could run in the sand dunes. On purpose. With other people.

Uh huh. Yup. I know he is crazy. But I am too, so its ok.

I wanted to go along on the run so badly, but I am not there fitness-wise yet, and stayed at the beach with the kids. Maybe next year I’ll lace up and do some of that, but for now, these wee wiggly knees need to be careful, and I reminded myself that it is ok to go slow. I’ll get there.

My partner-in-crime’s dad runs there all the time, and I had suggested it a few weeks before as a good place to meet up with other Tough Mudder team mates for a training run, thinking about where my man could go to simulate the terrain from the race. So it got set up, and we went. My father-in-law was a great guide, and I think my husband and father-in-law running together (really for the first time) was a wonderful, wonderful (did I say wonderful?) thing.

The kids got cuddles and hug time with the Grandparentals, we got a mini-day-vacay (Ahhh), I got to see someone – who means so very much to me and I haven’t seen in forever – smile and relax in a place I love, with my family. I got to spend time with his family (he brought his adorable daughter to play too), and made some new friends that tagged along for the day.

No matter how you describe the day, the very best part was seeing my Dearest fist-bump my former Dearest on the walk back across the beach at the end of their run, sweaty, tired, and grinning from ear-to-ear. It made me all kinds of happy. Can’t explain it any better than that.

It just did.

Tough Mudder is going to rock, y’all. I’m so excited, and I’m not even running!


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