Saying No To Sugar

It is getting easier to say no to sugar.

I heard that, you over there with the Little Debbie snack cake in your hand. I said getting easier, not easy!

More often than not now, I am able to walk past yummy, soul-enriching chocolate without thinking “Mmm a treat would be nice”. I am not craving sugary sweetness at ten p.m. anymore. I am not frantically searching the house for the hidden chocolate chips or leftover Halloween candy a week before my period. I no longer salivate at the yummy treats in the pastry display at every coffee shop I enter.

Umm well, maybe some of the time I do… I still like to have a treat! I substitute, however, with my Chapman’s no added sugar ice cream, or a sugar-free fudge treat at Dairy Queen. I still buy Cocoa Camino chocolate and portion it out, 3 squares a day, until it is gone. I still indulge in Banana Cream Pie, but don’t eat the whole piece. I still enjoy a cookie or two.

But… Needing the sugar, physically craving it, ain’t happenin’ anymore. I feel more even throughout the day (except first thing in the morning. Look out, ZombieMom comin’ through!) *braiiiiiinnnzzzz -err- coffffffeeee* and I am less sleepy in the afternoon.

This is a major breathrough in the life of a freewheelin’ chocoholic, hide-the-wrappers-in-the-Diaper-Genie sugar hound. (That’s me, keep up!)

Cutting back on sugar is hard, since it is everywhere and in everything.  I like to think I am becoming more savvy as I look for healthier choices in my meals, especially looking at carb sugar levels and unhealthy ingredients. I haven’t banned sugar completely from my life, that is impractical on so many levels. I have cut back to a point where a sugary food becomes a treat,  not an every day thing.

I haven’t drank pop for years (the chemicals in pop scare me, yo), and cut sugar out of my coffee and tea a few years ago. I refrain from juices unless it is cut half with water. Now, as part of a bigger measure to cut back, I keep things like ketchup, teriyaki, soya sauce and other such dipping and frying flavour enhancers off my plate.

I notice as I cut back on sugar, and look for healthier alternatives in the processed foods we do bring home (yogurt, cheese slices, crackers, margarine etc) that as you get lower cholesterol, carbs from sugars, bad fats and such, the sodium levels go up. That is the next beast to tackle, and is way more insidious. We try to eat fresh as much as possible, but Jumping Jiminy, its hard!

I digress… Sodium be another topic for another day, me Hearties. Avast, where was I…

Ah yes, sugar.

Will I ever get to a point where I can look to days with no sugar consumption? Perhaps. I do know I have made it a habit now to conciously cut back. I do know that my palate has changed and I don’t need to sweeten things as much anymore. I taste real flavours, and if something is sweet, I tend to find it too sweet and won’t finish it.

Never thought I would be able to pull it off, since I am a die hard sweet tooth, and I adore chocolate. Chocolate, it was a food group in my pre-Diabetes days.

So, believe me when I say that this diet change is real progress, and I am proud of myself.


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