I Will

Today, I will…


NOT eat anything fatty, sugary, or processed.

Refill my desk water carafe twice, and drink it.

Smile at the driver who cuts me off as I am running.

Do a Rocky pose at the end of my run, no matter who is watching. (For reals!)

Be happy.

Stop singing the Afro Circus Remix tune.

Remember to breathe.

Find rainbow socks.

Go to bed early, and sleep, not play games or read until I smoosh my face on my iPad, drooling.

Play with my kids.

Wear sunscreen.

Focus on the feeling.

Stop reading Fifty Shades of Grey(Dark, Freed), because with every page I turn, I get more and more flummoxed at how this example of horifically bad writing made it this far in popularity. Also? I want to slap the main heroine for being so stupid. Yes. STU-PID. (Ok, getting ranty now).

Not rant (see Be happy).


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