400 Metres of Crazy Self

I wasn’t going to run today.

But I did.

I was just going to do a quick, 30 minute body weight exercise routine. Simple. Push ups, sit ups, that sort of thing. It’s my day off, after all. Nooooo running.

Oh boy, do I need to talk to my Crazy Self*. It overrode my Sensible Self and said “RUN! RUN! RUN!”.

You see, as I was flailing awayexercising, I was facing the middle of the park near my work. It’s a great park to work out in; there are tons of shade trees, and spots to have to yourself. (Note to self: do not do “windshield washer” leg lifts on a slope, you will slide down quite comically, even if you are death grasping grass, attempting not to)

This park has an oval path in it, which many people love to walk around at lunch. As I watched the many people, I eyeballed it curiously. Given my vast experience running on a track, waaay back in the prehistoric days of High School, I wondered if it was 400 metres. It certainly looked like it was.

I figured a good way to cool out after my flailingexercising was to do a lap, and measure it with my Runkeeper app. Yeah! Great idea! If it is, I can use it in a workout to gauge pace and stuff. I know how to do that!

So off I went.


As I finished my lap, a group of runners whisped by, the heady footfalls and cadenced breath filtering through my music. My whole body twitched and my nerve endings fired like I’d just injected some sort of drug. Crazy Self stage-whispered to my legs “GO! GO! GO!” and almost involuntarily, I started jogging.

Once I had settled into my jog, Crazy Self said to my legs “SPRINT! SPRINT! SPRINT!”

So I turned around after a lap of jogging, went the other way, and sprinted for 150 metres or so.

Hokey Doodles**, I had forgotten how much of a rush running fast was! I couldn’t sustain it for any longer, but in that moment, as I was givin’er, the adrenalin went to my head. I was transported, 16 again, and training for the 200 metre.

I did another walk lap to catch my breath, and poked out another jog lap. Then, reality hit, and I walked back to work, soaked in sweat since I was not wearing my running gear, but long yoga pants and long sleeves. Because, seriously, I wasn’t supposed to be running today.

Oh, and yes, the oval is just over 400 metres, for those who are curious. So meet me next week in Major’s Hill Park for some pacing drills?
I’ll be the crazy girl running laps.

* For the full effect, imagine Crazy Self sounds like Animal from the Muppets.
** Yes husband, I am aware that is your favorite exclamation right now. I stole it.

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