Soap as Saviour?

Sometimes, a girl has to indulge. Today was such a day. I had to run an errand at lunch. I was hungry on my walk back to the office. Rumbly-tummy hungry.

This is the kind of hungry that makes me want to stop at the drive thru and order a double-quarter pounder with cheese and bacon with fries and a shake, and then eat it all before I get home.

Not kidding.

That was before. This is now. The craving is still there, but I have to say no.

H-e-llllllll NO!

As I was walking, I knew if I did not steel myself to the onslaught of smells (OMG Beavertails stand, are you kidding me?) I would break down and go get something I should not. I had to be strong, but it was very, very hard. I could almost feel the sweet, sweet rush of carbs loading into my system. I could practically taste the yummy goodness.

I rushed forward and dove into the LUSH store to relieve myself of the sugary fried food aromas before I dropped gibbering to the street in front of a bunch of tourists, or pried a Kilaloe Sunrise out of someone’s hands and ran screaming “I have you now, my precious!”.

Yeah… That kind of hungry.

Can’t you just smell the clean?

As I breathed in that famous cloying soap smell, I remembered that I really liked a sample of some soap I got from here. I had brought the soap home for hubby to try, since I like using shower gel. But then I got curious and tried it for myself one day.

That soap rocked the house, man. I really liked it. I was all clean and minty and refreshed. If I was made of rubber, I woulda squeaked as I walked.

Wait, I sometimes do that anyways… Never mind.

I’m not sure we have any of that sample left, so I decided I would splurge and get some more. The best part about LUSH is that you can get as much, or as little, as you want. Yay! It was like buying cheese, but not edible, and less smelly (in some cases)

It was my little reward for passing by the yummy food, and saying no to the bad-for-me calories. Even though I didn’t need it, it immediately made me remember my goals, since I bought it to refresh me after a workout.

Which is the opposite of a burger and fries in my world right now. So I win. This time.

Take that, craving! HAH!


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