This is also Not a Cupcake

Strawberry cupcake anyone?

Ok so this IS a cupcake, but not the kind that go straight to my hips and arse. Heh.

I used to hate wearing these ear buds, but I changed out the wee itty rubber bit that goes in my ear* for a smaller set, and tried them out today. They worked very well! These let in more ambient noise than my regular running earbuds, so I want to use them when I am running on streets, y’know, for safety and stuff.

I would love to have a set (like this) with a volume and track skip on the wire like my spiffy black ones, but hey, sometimes to be fashionable you have to suffer, right?

Oooh, that reminds me. I saw some blingy swarovski-crusted ones in a store recently. Maybe for Christmas, dearest hubby of mine? *bats eyelashes*

These cupcake earbuds aren’t anything special, you can likely get them anywhere. I saw them one day in Chapters. There were wee yellow duckies, some adorable skulls (of course), and I think some run-of-the-mill teddy bears. But these ones, well, they spoke to me. They said “Sabby! take me home! You want to listen to Rage, Rob Zombie, and Disturbed through these pretty-in-pink frosted tips!!”

Or something like that…

Anyways… They were cheap, less than $20, and have survived for over two years without dieing on me.

This is a miracle, considering how easily I can trash a pair of earbuds. Seriously, y’all, its also like sunglasses. I never buy them expensive, because I break them. But these have lasted, so perhaps the curse is broken. Except that I sat on my sungalsses this morning…

Oh well. Its all good, because I went running with cupcakes in my ears today. Awesome.

*Yes, that is my ear. I think the camera adds ten pounds to ears too. *pinches earlobe* they certainly don’t feel that fat…

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