A Date with a Mountain

On the holiday Monday, I had a date with my husband.

Instead of a movie where we shared popcorn and a drink the size of a small bathtub, or sitting in a restaurant trying to find a menu item that I could actually eat without going into a Diabetic sugar high coma, we decided to do something different.

We drove to a mountain. Then we climbed it.

We are romantic like that.

20120523-155242.jpgWe are lucky enough to live near Gatineau Park, so we took the time to drive out to Luskville Falls and climb the waterfall trail. Its a popular picnic spot, and the lookout halfway up is gorgeous. I recommend it if you want a challenging work out, and a reward that is second to none when you get to the top.

Wear long pants, and ankle support. Bring a walking stick to help yourself up the big steps if you are wee like me. Bring water, don’t drink the water from the waterfall. We watched people doing this, and I could just imagine the sick that would take place in their life on Tuesday.

Helloooo, protozoa. Heh.

As we ascended, my tiny stature meant that each step on the rocky climb was a bit (read: *#@%) more work than that of my husband. Hopping from rock to rock was sometimes a huge step up for me, and I was regretting not bringing a walking stick. I was literally scrambling with my hands and feet at some points, whereas my long-legged significant other was stepping normally up the natural stone steps. By the time we got to the first lookout, I was sweating and red-faced and people were looking at me funny.

Never mind the fat girl wheezing over here folks, enjoy the view that way!

At one point, I just felt embarrassed and fat, and stood to the side so all the skinny girls in capris and flip-flops could bound past me. At other points, I felt strong and empowered and climbed doggedly on. My legs were feeling the burn and it was really great to know I was working some muscles that don’t get as much attention when I jog.

I had been to this particular trail a few years earlier, when I was in actual shape, and could bound up the rocky trail with the enthusiasm of a 20-something. The gentleman I had gone with was of equal fitness, and we had a great time being monkeys on the steep incline.20120523-155706.jpg

That was a long time ago. That was before two-kids and 70 pounds of weight that mysteriously found its way to my tummy, hips, and ass.

It was a lot longer than I remember it. It was a lot steeper than I remember it. It was a $@#* tonne harder than I remember it. Those damned rose-coloured glasses made me remember a lovely hike followed by a rest by the waterfall to contemplate the scenery.

I think I may throw those glasses out.

But, the positive to come out of this was a great work out with my hubby that did not involve him once complaining that I was too slow. It was a lot of fun to introduce him the beauty of this natural waterfall, and I was encouraged by his enthusiasm to do more hikes like this as dates.

I agree. I can’t wait for the next one!

Once I can stand without wincing.


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