A Case For More Than Basic Black


You know, I have a beef to pick with the Diabetes paraphernalia manufacturers. Specifically, those wonderful companies that make yon trusty glucose meter.

A very useful tool, indeed, I know, since I use one every day. It goes with me everywhere, because it has to. It slips into my pack for work, and into my nightstand at night.20120510-151834.jpg

(Public service announcement: Hey folks, don’t keep yer meter in the bathroom! Humidity can be harmful to the itty bitty electronics and you won’t get accurate readings.)

But, there is one thing about my meter that is decidedly uninspiring. No, its not the pokey thing that makes me cringe each time I torture prick my finger to test.

It’s the case. They’re always UGLY!

Why oh why do you, Accu-Ultra-Chek-OneTouch Meter Co. have to make cases in basic, boring black, with no design flourish, no panache except a really loud zipper (Seriously, it sounds like I’m unzipping pants over here) and perhaps a bas relief logo? I mean come on! I’m secretly a girly girl (shhh!) and I want pretty patterns, flowers, or even just a different colour than black. Would it hurt to have blue, maybe a nice green?

In this case (pun!), it is NOT like a little black dress hiding all your wee bumps and lumps. That neoprene block that I put the meter in? Yeah, it kind of stands out amongst my floral motif purse and red lunch bag. Everyone who sees it is like “What’s that?” and then I have to tell them. If it was a purple paisley print, no one would ask. They’d assume it was for tampons or makeup.

What? A girl can’t say “tampon” in her blog? Tam-pon… Heh.

So now I am on the hunt. I have these pretty bags at home to keep my extra supplies for my meter, ironically decorated with bumblebees and hives with the words honey on the side. I want to find a nicer case for my meter. Something with some pink, maybe even some flowers.

Cuz honey, if I gotta carry it everywhere, its gotta look like something I would carry everywhere.



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