Rainbow Socks for Skinny Feet

Of all the weird shrinky things going on in my body as I journey towards fit-dom, the weirdest is that my shoes are now too big.

Yes, my shoes.

Apparently my feet were fat.

This means I must be resized for running shoes when mine give up the ghost. I am in 9’s right now (I am a midget with snowshoes for feet, yes, I know), and the heel is a little loose. I compensate with a new lacing pattern that the cool people at Running Room showed me, but I also have to wear really ugly man-socks when I run to prevent the agony of a blister.

I want rainbow socks with a wee pom-pom on the back. Those are totally awesome. And girly. But mostly awesome. Where does one procure rainbow pom-pom socks? (Hint: These would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift). I remember as a kid I had rainbow toe socks. I wore them until they fell apart. Those would be fun too. Would they suck to run in though?

Maybe I’ll have to hunt down a pair and try.

I suppose it is normal for feet to lose inches along with the rest of the body when you start to fit up, but I’ve never had such a phenomenon happen before, unless you count my feet impersonating balloons after I had my babies.

That was fun… Not.

Maybe, if my feet lose enough weight, they will be able to slip into a pair of sexy black field boots, and confidently step into stirrups when I get back on a horse! Or perhaps even some slinky black flats. That would be lovely. The possibilities are endless!

The only problem with my feet’s new size? I need a pedicure. Pronto.


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Socks for Skinny Feet

  1. tlbflowllc May 4, 2012 / 11:36 am

    Ha ha. Good luck with the rainbow sock hunting!

    I have big feet, too. My wife alternates between calling them “boat feet” and “little flippers”. She’s just jealous that I can swim faster than her. 🙂

  2. Sabby May 4, 2012 / 1:30 pm

    People have teased me for my shoe size my whole life, and its not really that out of proportion. But, then again, I love my feet and see no problem with them. 🙂

    The funny part is that if I dig through my drawers, I’ll likely find several rainbow hued socks… Just not matching ones. I’m a sucker for bright colours. It makes me all kinds of happy.

    maybe they’ll work like racing stripes, and make me run faster… lucky rainbow socks! Ha ha…

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