This is Not a Cupcake

I bought my first running accessory on the weekend.

Well, my first other than shoes and a new Wal-mart bought sports bra that is all kinds of awesome. Seriously, Wonderbra, I was dubious, but the girls did not jiggle, even a little! I love you, new sports bra. My husband? Not so much. He was crestfallen that there was no jiggle. He’s weird. I would be grumpy if there was jiggle, and he hates it when I am grumpy.

*ahem* Where was I? Oh yes. Behold, the reward for completing ten runs! My new SPI Belt!


At first, when I ordered it off the website, I thought “Why do I need this? I can just use x instead of spending the cash”, but then I told myself to (wo)man up and buy it because I have ten runs completed, I deserve it, and it is better than wolfing down a cupcake to celebrate my achievement (which was motis operandi up until now).

It was considerably more expensive than a cupcake, but who’s counting here?

Not me.

Henceforth, I do not have to have flapping work ID and keys in my sweatshirt pocket when I run. The thought of being able to go out without so many layers (read: sweatshirt) that has pockets simply to keep all the required items on my person is very exciting! No more overly-heated-fat-girl-running-in-a-hoodie! No more layers that bunch around my middle! No! More! Dropped! Crap!

This likely makes me happier than it should, but it is the small things, ya know?

Now if only it would stop snowing today, I could go out and use it. *glares out window*


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