I Dislike the Word Diet

Am I the only one that feels completely bombarded with diet and eating advice?

Gluten-free, Carbs’R’Bad, Carbs’R’Good, hot lemon tea cleanses, raw food diet, probiotics, protien shakes… Eat less, eat more often, eat smaller portions, eat larger portions of certain foods, eat the rainbow, eat dark colours only, mainline water at all times, the five worst foods you can eat, the five best foods you can eat… Why is butter on both of them?


To provide a metaphor, I’m standing in Times Square, and all around me, instead of tacky neon lights and billboards, are diet books, columns, blogs, and people all lecturing me on “the best way to diet”. Cue movie scene where the main character does a 360 degree with crazy eyes

Its a lot to try and understand, and decide what to do. My doctor is great, has recommended I simply eat better, smaller portions, and move more. He’s uncomplicated like that, assumes I am a smartie pants and can figure it out for myself. So that is what I am trying to do.

But… Sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough, because the scale isn’t moving yet. In fact, it has gone the opposite way since I started exercising at the beginning of the month! *grumble*

Having gone through two pregnancies with Gestational Diabetes, I know how hard abrupt, all-encompassing changes to a diet can be. Trump that with a pregnant lady who was always hungry, and you get my trepidation at staring a “diet”. It sucks. In fact it more than sucks, and that is why whenever I think about cutting back and eating less of my favorite foods, I break out in a sweat. I remember the hunger pangs, the tears because I was worried about every morsel of food I ate, feeling like a failure whenever my blood sugar was high, and the frustration when I couldn’t even order off the menu at a restaurant. The unadulterated rage as my husband ate potato chips in front of me while we watched TV. The secret chocolate and cookies when I couldn’t take it One. More. Minute.

So very, very glad I am done having babies.

I also don’t want to be a woman who attempts to live off of a no-carb, high fibre, controlled calorie diet (What do you mean I can only eat three cucumber slices for lunch, with a piece of chicken the size of my thumb? Where is the cheese, bread, lettuce, tomato and mayo that goes with that?). You don’t want to be around me if I don’t have carbs. I get very, very, grumpy. my husband can attest to this. I think sometimes he makes Mac and Cheese just to soothe the terse, pouting beast he sees in the car on the way home from work.

I’m really a sweet person, honest! *smile* Now hand over that breadstick and no one gets hurt.

So I know I have to eat better. I know I have to eat better portions. I know how to do this, I’ve done it before. Why is it so hard then? I understand the Canada Food guide, and the Glycemic Index. I am aware of all the proper nutrition touchstones.

I just have zero willpower and constantly deep-six those touchstones when I get hungry and say “*&$#%@ it” at the Drive Thru.

In the end, I need to find a way to eat that works with all of my needs, not just a calorie or carb reduced plan that targets weight loss. I need to find a meal plan that still allows my kids to have cheese, pasta, and all those “non-diet” foods they need to grow and be strong. I need to find a menu that does not make me hungry all the time, make me gassy (What? Ladies fart too), or cut out a food group I cherish. I need a “diet” that fuels my physical activity as my body gets used to it again. I need to figure out how not to eat with my emotions.

So hence the “diet deluge” as I sift through ideas and plans to get serious about what I am trying to accomplish. maybe I am overwhelming myself with the idea that one thing will work, but you have to start your research somewhere, I guess.

I really need some chocolate.


One thought on “I Dislike the Word Diet

  1. creativenoshing March 27, 2012 / 12:57 pm

    Made me laugh. Totally understand and agree, a “healthy” diet is very confusing.

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