My Hill to Climb

So some of you know I have started power walking again. For those who don’t…

I’m baaaa-aaack!

Yes, the joint popping, creaking, and generally jelloness of my hips, knees and shoulders has gone away. Now that my dear daughter is only nursing at night, my body is finally reverting to non-heave-ho hormone land. Which means wonderful things for me and my mental and physical well-being.

Yes, I’m still cranky in the mornings, but my goodness, look out after I get my coffee!

With this change, it is a wonderful thing not to sound like the tin man anymore! I had so much energy compared to when baby was full time on-demand nursing, I didn’t know what to do with myself at the beginning of the month. I was literally buzzing, I was so restless and jumpy.

So I squeezed into my spandex, dug out my running shoes and folded into my Lululemon “stay put girls” bra. *jiggle*

Yesterday was my hardest workout since starting two weeks ago. I wanted to push myself to see if I could A) do three kilometres of walking, and B) do a bit of jogging. Since I work downtown in our lovely Nation’s Capital, I also have the added benefit of some kick-your-butt hill paths that go from Sussex Ave all the way to the Rideau Canal locks and such.

They did indeed do some kicking of my jiggly, wiggly butt. Yeah. I felt good, I felt empowered, I felt accomplished as I waddled walked up. I also felt humbled, weak, and pudgy as lean, lithe joggers whispered past me effortlessly with feather-light steps, up the hill.

Up. The. %$#!@*&$. Hill.

I really wanted to hate them, their fitness, and their dedication. I instead focused my hatred on the hill because I abhor confrontation and yelling obscenities at joggers would get me arrested. “%$#!@*&$ you hill”: I cursed silently. (Talking was not an option).

Covered in sweat, blowing like a grampus (what is a grampus anyways? I love that saying…) I stood at the top for a moment. There were too many people to do a Rocky Balboa fist pump, so I just cooled out on my walk back to work.

Maybe next time. *sadface*

Because there will be a next time. That is my goal. To be able to walk up that %$#!@*&$ hill without losing my %$#!@*&$ breath.


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