I am contemplating yet again the need to take a blog private. Yet again, my family’s privacy, and our peace is in jeopardy. Once again, I am forced with the decision based on the actions of another person not respecting that privacy, not respecting my wishes.

I want to be a writer, talk about what I want, enjoy sharing, and be part of this online world.  I may not have a lot of time to blog anymore, but it is still there. I want to talk about my fears and my triumphs, I want to share my fiction writing. I want to be able to share without worry that something I say will be fodder for someone else to use against me, no matter how anonymous and ho-hum it may be.

I was trying to share as generically as possible, without using real names or other personally identifying details, but unfortunately, upon yon Google search, I was listed on a website where personal information was divulged alongside the blog URL. That has since been fixed, which makes me sad, since traffic to my blog came from this source, not all of it bad. My fault for not being dilligent enough,  I suppose, and I should not be surprised. The Internet is like a pasta strainer, full of holes you can see right through.

I don’t want to lock this blog down. I don’t want to put it away from eyes that might see it, enjoy its writing.  But if I leave it out here for all of you, I will have to deal with the consequences that this person will not leave me alone, and may try to use the information held within to cause trouble.

I am frustrated, and unsure of what to do. I could say “screw it!” and let it be, or I can add the layers of privacy necessary, hoping some people might ask to be added as trusted users. I can also start anew somewhere else again, under a new name that is completely unlike any of my old Nom de Plumes. I don’t want to do that either. I like where I am now!

I do know, even through all of this, that I can’t stop writing. That isn’t an option.


2 thoughts on “Privacy

  1. Danielle S November 17, 2010 / 10:15 am

    I feel for you. I have had similar issues and so closed my old blog and re-started a new one. It’s frustrating that people can’t just respect others and be nice! I hope you still find a way to keep up the writing whichever path you choose.

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