The raindrops fell in a sudden patter over my head, the sun from the West illuminating them in a moving prism of light and water. Stetching against the sudden damp seeping into my sweater, I held my cupped palm out and caught some of the water, hoping to grasp the hidden riot of colours, and share the harmony I felt in the opposition of rain and sun. I dashed for a Maple tree, and let the sun shower parade itself around me, showing off, dancing left and right, as if teasing me to come out and play.

The sharp smell of the impromptu Scotch Wash, shining wet on the pavement, cleansed my energy, The sheer freshness raised my spirits. I laughed, breathed in deeply, and raised my arms up to touch the leaves above me, bright orange and crisp yellow glinting like wet jewels.

The Maple rustled in the breeze, and let me know it was happy too.


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