I’ll take Organization for $100, Alex

Last night, at 7:30 pm, we hastily shrugged on sweaters, tied on shoes, and left the house to go to IKEA. In our haste, we didn’t even bring the diaper bag. My husband, once our son was ensconced in his shopping cart seat, looked at him and said, very solemnly, “Don’t poop.”

This was answered by a raspberry sound, a tongue stuck out, and then giggles. We are doomed once he has learned how to speak.

We were on a mission. With both of us painfully stepping on toys that evening, we quickly became aware that the livingroom was becoming Toy Central, and our son the scatterer of said toys from one end to the other. We also realized we had no box or container to sweep them into each day, once our son was asleep. The couch does not a toy chest make, and sitting on a soft cloth book that makes donkey sounds can be embarrassing when company is over.

Reminding ourselves that we had made the solemn promise to one another to stay away from the dreaded bulky-lidded Rubbermaid totes, but instead come up with a system both usable and pleasing to the eye, we looked in the Tome Of All Things Organized, and found the Trofast system from IKEA. Upon sharing organizomantic gazes at one another over the catalog, and a quick glance at the clock, we gauged our son’s cranky-meter at half, weighed the coin purse, and took off in the jalopy to solve our problem impulse-style.

We now have a three compartment bin-thing with six separate bins sitting to one side of our couch that holds all of our son’s toys. We bought the bins in the same colours as his room, in case we ever decide to move it there. It is seat height, and we think a measured cushion may just fit nicely on top. Yes, we put it together that night, once our son was in bed. Yes, it took us until late, and we cursed the teeny-tiny Allen key several times as it pinged off underneath the couch halfway through tightening a screw.

We were commited.

True to big box-o-rama form, we spent just over $100 when it tallied all up. We did, to add to the total, buy more than just a toy bin. We bought a cute little car rug for in front of it (the colours matched the bins, IKEA is evil that way), some un-needed extra rails (which we now have to take back *joy-bliss*), and some kitchen storage tubs. We like to challenge ourselves when we go to places like IKEA. If we cash out under $100 from IKEA, Costco, Home Depot, or Loblaws, we are on a roll. If we are able to squeak from Wal-Mart under $50, we are on fire!

So we didn’t pass muster on the money front last night, but we did get at least one room in our house (re) organized. Now, all we can do is watch the inevitable spread tonight, and see if the trip was worth it.


One thought on “I’ll take Organization for $100, Alex

  1. Kaylie September 16, 2009 / 10:48 am

    We put a Trofast system in Liam’s (soon to be both the boys’) room, too. I thought we’d stick the big six-foot one in the closet, but it was just too much trouble to take out the closet rod. So now the boys take the bins out when they want to play, and we still have toys all over the floor, but now we get bright-coloured bins all over the floor, too.

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