Quiet. Solitude. Silence. Introversion.

I yearn to meditate in the abscence of noise. I long to simply be at peace, calmness descending upon me, blanket of comfort in the uncomplicating of senses and perceptions. Training my body to settle in place, to observe, to absorb, to learn, to create in the softness of sounds remaining when noises leave.

There is no irritation, there is no competition, there is no unwanted stimulation to cloud my mind and distract me, irritatingly, from my purpose. I can breathe in, and then breathe out, all without a beat or rythmn. I can set my own pace, my mind can enter its own wavelength not dictated by melodies and lyrics. My concience thought can lift off without a hum to guide its trajectory.

I want to see around me without moving, to touch without vibration, to hear without inhibition and taste without influence. I wish to smell without justification and the need to categorize it all.

I want to try sensing my world around me with nothing else impeding my judgement, explaining to me how my world is, masking the core, the raw, the true. I can listen to my true self, I can discover my real nature, I can see the real life around me, and not the artificial barrier created by noise, and bustle.

And then, only then, can I write.


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