Signifigant Objects

I love this idea so much I wish I had thought of it first and I must share it, pass it along, and let others see.

The idea, in summary, is this: Take objects, write a short story to go with it, auction it on Ebay, and see what happens. So far, the results are quite remarkable. The current object is a Foppish Figurine. I know you are tempted to go look, and get sucked into the stories like I am. and are a good place to start.

I have a giddy desire to grab some dusty, unused object from the back recesses of the boxes in our basement, like the frog costume I made for my dog the first year he was ours, or the slate with the picture of a horses on it, that an old friend brought home from Wales when I was ten. I’m even searching my desk for objects that make their place in your workspace that give away little pieces of your personality to your co-workers, without ever being too personal. A stuffed bear, a funny mug.

It poses some very exciting questions…  Do objects, once given a story, become more valuable than their original purchase value? Does it matter if that story is true or not? Is this an idea with staying power, or a novelty which will wear off in time?

I guess you could say it’s inspired me.


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