Running in Place

I have a new personal trainer.

My trainer comes 7 days a week, right to my home. I can do yoga, go for a jog, and get help reaching my weight loss goals all without having to leave the house.

I don’t have to schedule my trainer in at all, I start the session when I want each day.

Did I mention this trainer is made of plastic, and I stand on it?

Yes. My husband came home with a Wii Fit today.

We (Wii?) had been on the waiting list at our local store for only two weeks when the next shipment of gold-in-a-green-and-white-box came in. These gadgets are the hot item right now for Wii-ers. You cannot find them anywhere, and if you do, you run screaming to the cash with it, and fend off the horde of people trying to attack you from behind to get it. We decided we wanted one since we are gadget geeks and it looked cool. Gotta have it. I thought it might be a fun way to do some yoga, and it wasn’t another shoot-em-up game for the console, which seems to dominate the selections. I figured we would be on that waiting list for months before our ship(ment) came in.

Nintendo is a very smart company. Evil smart. I can imagine the cacophony of people wanting one for Christmas now.

My husband looked at me when I grimaced at the extra it will take out of our monthly budget, and said “But it’s for you!” with that look he throws my way to say “Please let me have my toy”. I was quite sure it would be fun, but would lose its novelty quickly with him since he is not really one to actually stand when he plays his Wii games. He even sits to bowl or box. I on the other hand, need a lot of space. When I play tennis, I look like a drunken pterodactyl, apparently.

We haven’t played much Wii since our son was born, and really, I don’t have a lot of time to play Mario Kart or Wii Sports when a young child is needing my attention. That, and breasts which are used to feed yon young child do not respond well to vigorous bouncing. Ouch.

Once my husband set it up tonight, I tried it out. I was excited that we had one, really. How cool is this? I admit, I geeked out. A little. Ok… a lot. This thing is cool.

I tried some balancing, and got whacked (virtually) in the face with soccer balls and soccer cleats and inflated pandas… yes pandas. I hula-hooped, did some slalom and ski jumping, and then went for a scenic run through WiiWorld with a pace bunny and my Dad’s bespectacled Mii running past me like a teenager.

Yes, a jog. Really.

In the end, my BMI is horrific, my weight loss goal is going to take six months, and apparently, my Wii Fit age is, well, not fit to print here… quite embarrassing. Now, the BMI does not take into account body shape, or bone structure, or the fact that I still have my baby-fat spare tire. In general I think BMI is not an accurate measurement of one’s health. But still… Got’s a long way to go.

It was interesting enough, and by the time I had worked through some of the exercises, I felt like I had, indeed, moved around a little! It surprised me, thinking that this was simply for yoga, and stretches, and fun balance games. I had no idea it could track your weight loss, your daily progress, and your improvements in balance and stamina. You also get a “personal trainer” who can help you do repetitions and such ( I picked the woman). I’ve never been one to stick with a routine, but this gadget makes it a little more fun, I suppose.

So instead of watching another re-run of Ty Pennington and his crew making me sob during my son’s morning nap, I can stick this thing down and do some aerobics instead!

And then perhaps cry anyways, because really, I need to figure out how not to get hit in the face with a soccer cleat…. *ducks*


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