Writing Exercise 2

I use, from time to time, a book called Room to Write, by Bonni Goldberg (http://www.amazon.ca/Room-Write-Bonni-Goldberg/dp/0874778255/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1225339367&sr=8-1)

This book is a series of free-writing exercises that I gravitate to when I am feeling the need to write, have a few minutes, and have nothing to say. I usually just write away, and do minimal editing to just get my pen moving, so to speak. Since it is late, I will leave it up here for anyone who wants to take a swipeat it and tell me how horrific my freewriting actuallly is before I red-ink it. 🙂

Tonight I will try the exercise entitled You’re Such an Animal, on page 52. It states, with all due respect to Bonni, and her wonderful book:

Today you are an animal. Choose one you have had some experience observing and interacting with. Or, write from the point-of-view of the animal with whom you identify the most.

Here is my resulting freewrite with no editing, describing a young filly in a herd at feeding time :

Vibration sings in my legs, the herd is moving. I must look up, stop eating to see and hear.

Mare is moving towards us. Time to go? Flick ears to hear. What is wrong? I hear nothing but wind, herd, and ground. But… Mare knows, so there must be something. I turn to her as she passes and stops. She talks, points nose ahead, nods. Move now, she says.

Move to safer place? I feel no fear right now. I stop, look at Mare as she keeps walking. What is she saying? She is just moving us, looking up ahead, ears forward. Is it water time? Even Stallion is moving, and he does not listen to Mare all the time. I am confused. I don’t want to move. I want to stay and eat! I don’t need water!

Mare talks and gets faster. Mare never moves that fast unless… Oh! Not fear! The Man! It is time for crunching! Man comes to take us to our place for crunching, and he is here! This is exciting, I must talk loudly to share this news!

It is early for crunching. Mare saw man. Clever Mare. Someday I will be like her.

I shake my mane and run ahead of Stallion at front of herd. If I arrive first, I might get through the hole first this time. Stallion keeps me from the man who brings me to my place for crunching and chases me from the piles of food on the ground that the man puts there for us. Someday I will be Mare and push him away from the man instead. Now I just shake my mane and bare my teeth, tell him he should be sorry for pushing me, I’m going to me Mare someday and get to my place for crunching first.

He bites me as I turn my rump at him to tell him I don’t like him. It hurts, but I pretend it doesn’t and move out of the way. When he looks away, I turn and scratch his bite. He is calm, waiting for his turn to go through the hole with the man. How can he be calm? It is time for crunching! I move back and forth behind Mare and Stallion at the hole, waiting for the man to take me to my place.

Mare is gone through the opening, with the man. She must go first, as always. Stallion bites me again. I bite back. Stupid Stallion, he thinks he is alpha now. Wait until Mare gets back.

Then Stallion is with the man, going towards his place. What about me? I talk loudly, telling the man to come back and get me! Don’t leave me alone! Don’t forget about me! I want crunching too! I am sure this time he will forget me. Last time he didn’t, but this time he might. I really want my crunching. It is very satisfying.

Oh! Please come back! I must talk louder, he can’t hear me.

Man has come back to get me, and I am now through the hole. Man rubs my neck, makes noise at me. I am happy. Stallion shakes his mane at me as I pass his place. I talk to him and swish my tail in his face. He can’t bite me now, he is in his place for crunching, he can’t reach me.

Someday I will be Mare.


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