Yes, I have the T-shirt…

Yes, I am. I am blogging this.

And yes, I have the T-shirt.

It’s black, with white letters. My son thinks it is neat to look at. Given that he is 3 months old, anything with contrast ellicits gummy baby smiles and giggles. Go figure, when I wore it as a single woman, I got the same response from men who would meet me whilst I was wearing it.

It could be where the lettering is positioned, I think.

Nowadays, it is more likely to have spit-up on it, rather than spilt draft beer from a glass, but who is counting? Both smell equally as fetching after a few hours, and both are equally as fun for the wearer (i.e. Me) when spit up or spilt upon.

It seems like I have been blogging forever. But really, not that long in the scheme of the Internet, and battle-hardened folk out there may look at me and scoff mightily with the word “newbie” on their lips as they enter their second decade of blogging. Heck, some of the big-wigs out there cast a mightly large shadow, and every day, more and more blogs fill the crevices and spaces of our connected world, falling into line behind the PerezHilton’s of the world. To have a blog mean something to someone other than yourself, in my mind, is an achievement today.

I digress.

Am I a true “blogger”? I can’t edit CSS, I don’t have a following through RSS that spans the world, and really, in the end, my blogs have always been rather just a mish-mash of personal tidbits, pictures, updates and memory quizzes like “what kind of drink are you?”. Rather mundane fare in the blogoshpere (did I get that “term” right?).

But that is what a blog is about. It is about the author, and their interests, their ideas, their world.

Blogs are about sharing what you want to share with the world, one idea at a time. Whether it be exciting things like world events, or your new Jimmy Choo sandals, a blog is the reflection of the person who pounds out the words on a keyboard. In our voyeuristic world, this is the 21st century version of the diary every girl kept under their pillow, with the silly lock that any sibling could pick with a bobby pin.

Despite the knowledge that my words likely enter into the stream and get lost amongst the millions of other voices babbling towards the ocean we call the World Wide Web, I was hooked three or so years ago, and never looked back. The idea that I could grind out my Mind’s Eye, or my Brain’s fodder for all to read and comment on was too tantalizing not to try. After a little while, and some fun reflections on my own life, or lack thereof, I realized this was the creative outlet I needed at the end of the day writing “real” stuff for money. Aka, my job.

So here I am with a new platform, and a new idea. A fresh start, I guess you could say. Kind of like that feeling you get when you do a “format C:” on your hard drive, and have a fresh and shiny OS on your computer again. Sometimes you need a change or a good scrubbing to get out of a rut.

In my case, this new start is because of an affliction I have dubbed Blogger’s Block.

I need to Google that and see if anyone else has coined it yet. Likely.

So yeah, I am blogging this. What “this” is will change and grow, but it will be an exercise for me, my sanity, my creativity, and my life.



One thought on “Yes, I have the T-shirt…

  1. Amber March 25, 2010 / 5:08 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing this link with me. It’s fun to see what your thoughts were when this space was all shiny and new. 🙂

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